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Oceanfront homes found in Sea Ranch, CA

The Sea Ranch is a carefully thought out community of approximately 3500 acres located on the Northern Sonoma County Coastline of California just 2 ½ hours north of the San Francisco Bay Area. It is internationally known and is the realization of a philosophy integrating a community with the coastal environment. In The Sea Ranch concept, people were to join the natural environment with an absolute minimum impact. "Live gently on the land" was the motto. Today, award winning homes with natural wood exteriors and low-profile roofs blend with the land and native plant landscaping. Grassland meadows, secluded beaches and rows of Cypress trees surround the expansive Sea Ranch community. Amenities included swimming pools, tennis courts, miles of trails, security patrol on private roads, an equestrian facility, an 18-hole golf course and a private airstrip. The coastal bluffs and ridges offer retreat, retirement, vacation and a healthy full-time family life.


Sea Ranch Real Estate

Since 1963, there have been approximately 1851 custom homes built with only about 400 vacant lots left. Houses range from small cabins less than 1000 Sq. Ft to large oceanfront estates but there is a size limit so few houses are over 3000 Sq Ft. Each house goes through an extensive design process to ensure the original ideals of the community are realized. Originally envisioned as a vacation community, the Sea Ranch charm has caused over one third (and growing) of the property owners to make it their full-time, permanent residence. Since The Sea Ranch does not have service amenities other than fire and police protection, Gualala has become the region´s center for support services.


Buying a Home:
Home prices today range from $350,000 to over $3,000,000. There are some vacant lots available to purchase and they range from $35,000 - $900,000. Buyer´s can choose from oceanfront homes, ocean view homes and homes in the redwood forests. Usually the closer to the ocean, the higher the price.

Living on The Sea Ranch:

There is an active lifestyle on The Sea Ranch and many ongoing groups and activities to choose from. Groups include: Bridge, Pilots "Flying Society", Piano group, Garden league, Community Garden, Team Cycling, Tennis Club, Water Exercise, golf, trails & hiking club, Thespians and yoga.


Many owners use their homes as second homes to escape the hectic pace of the city and also may rent them out on a vacation rental program when they are not using the house. During the summer the coast offers relief from many of the hot inland areas of the country.


Daily Living in the Gualala / The Sea Ranch area takes on a very tranquil mode, with no stop lights in the area, a small town friendly life style and breathtaking natural beauty surrounding you, one does stop to "smell the roses" or in our case, just gaze out at the mighty Pacific Ocean. Most every service needed is available within the Gualala area except for large department type stores, mega shopping centers, fast food establishments and specialty medical Doctors (but arrangements can be made to visit them on the days they do come to the local medical clinic each month). Redwood Coast Medical Services is a large clinic with 3 full time doctors on staff and is open 7 days a week.


Wildlife abounds in the area. All the creatures of the sea from whales, seals, salmon, crabs, fish, etc and the bird life that live by the ocean; pelicans, seagulls, cormorants, condors, osprey and we have our local "Al the albatross", to the numerous forest creatures; deer, raccoons, bobcats, hawks, rabbits, etc to an array of colorful wildflowers. It is no wonder then that life slows down just to take all this in!!


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