Gualala California

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Gualala California

Gualala is just a two and a half hour drive north from the San Francisco Bay Area. Our coastal community has a long history of farming, ranching, logging and even rum running! Today\'s local economies are based on small businesses, the arts, river and ocean activities, home construction, tourism and retirement services. Local commutes to work are less than 10 miles for most people and you are treated to spectacular ocean views the entire way!

Population is small under 4000 for the area, crime is almost nonexistent, schools are small with a good student to teacher ratio, there is an excellent charter elementary school and there are no traffic lights in the entire area!

Recreation in Gualala


Life is good with whales to watch, trails to hike, books to read, rivers to fish and of course all the activities that living on the ocean provides!

Gualala Climate

The climate of the Gualala area, termed "Banana Belt" by local residents, is free from much of the coastal fog expected close to the ocean. Winter temperatures are moderate, while summers are mild with cooling breezes and plenty of sunshine.

Gualala Real Estate


People move here for peace and quiet, the love of nature, to experience the arts (artist population in the area is large) and the enjoyment that rural living that is less than 3 hours from a major metropolitan city (San Francisco).

Our homes range from small cabins in the redwoods to huge oceanfront estates. In between are a variety of small organic farms, stylish second homes used for vacation rentals or just as a beach "get-a-way", a few condos, but mostly homes are custom with no "developments" in the area. With the Coastal Commission overseeing development along the coast,, there are only custom homes being built and vacant land, for building, is getting less and less each year. Prices range for homes range from $250,000 up to $3,375,000 million. Land prices range from $75,000 to $15,000,000 million.

If you have any questions or if you need more information about Gualala real estate, contact Jeff Ortman, your Gualala Realtor. Feel free to browse through all my Gualala listings.  To view a Virtual Tour of the Gualala Area:

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